Communicate with your sponsored child

You are welcome to send a letter, email or gift through Action Haiti to your sponsor student, following these guidelines:

Email letters may be sent to

When sending emails, scanned letters or cards, please do not discuss money, personal issues or imply invitation outside of Haiti. Feel free to include family photos.

Gifts may be given with your regular donations through our Canadian office in a monetary value for one of the following:

  • Birthday or Christmas Gift - send an extra $20 the month before your student's birthday or Christmas to ensure they receive it on time. If you desire for a specific gift to be purchased, you may indicate so, and we will do our best to do so in Haiti.
  • Family Food Bundle- send an extra $30 to provide the family with a care package of a bag of dry rice, a bottle of oil & bouillon cubes. Package may include other varieties of spices or small items to help the family prepare a healthy meal.
  • New Set of Church Clothes- send an extra $50 to provide a new pair of shoes and dress clothes for your student. Haitian church-goers always dress in their best.
  • Family Goat or Pig- send an extra $100 to provide the family with a goat or pig they can raise for meat or sale.