The subject of education in Haiti is a highly debated topic. Family influence and financial access plays a large part in the level of education received. Our goal is not to place guilt or blame but rather be an advocate and provide the support needed to change the sad reality of the undereducated poor in Haiti.

Basic Facts:

  • Government do not provide enough spots for all the children to attend school
  • 85% of the schools are privately owned and charge fees, which most cannot afford
  • The infrastructure in most of the private schools is inadequate and unsafe
  • Most of the teachers are not educated enough to be able to teach their students properly 

Children want to go to school - but are not given the opportunity to. This needs to change.

Community leaders have tried to provide education through privately owned schools but the question is: WHO IS TEACHING IN THOSE SCHOOLS?  What about their background? Are they really educators or just holding on till they find another job?

One person or one organization cannot solve the education issue in Haiti, but with the participation of everyone who would like to see a better tomorrow for Haiti, we will slowly solve the issue. It will not happen in a month or a year but we believe slowly and steadily we will make a difference.